We are here to serve you and your needs. To provide help in the best way possible it is important to know exactly where your product was purchased. If you ran into any kind of problems, please take a look at our FAQ page and see if any of the answers help with resolving your issue. In case you need further support, please reach out to the point of purchase. It is important that we all follow this chain of communication because it provides the best support to you. Please take a look at the sections below.

Our store (coming soon)

If our FAQ page does not resolve your issue, please write to us at If there is a direct problem with a product, make sure to include detailed images and order ID, which you received to your email when completing the purchase.


If you purchased one of our products through and need support, please contact Amazon directly inside your account. That way we can ensure that you get the best help possible.

Retail & Online stores

Make sure to contact the store directly and have your receipt of purchase ready. You can access their website at the bottom of our home page. Simply click on the image. If further assistance will be needed, they will contact us.